Waxing is recommended every 4-6 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth. Overtime waxing can help to reduce hair density. We combine Waxxxpress hot and strip wax which are made using the highest quality ingredients. They glide on smoothly for the most pleasurable experience.

(Patch test required for first waxing. Pop in anytime for a patch test as this only takes a minute)


 Price List (Regular)

 Full Leg and Bikini  €52.00
 Full Leg  €41.50
1/2 Leg and Bikini €43.00
 3/4 Leg  €35.00
 3/4 Leg and Bikini  €46.00
 1/2 Leg  €27.50
 Thigh and Bikini  €38.50
 Bikini  €23.00
 Underarm  €16.50
 Arms  €25.00
 Abdomen €8.00
Lip or Chin €11.50
Face sides €11.50
Lip & Chin €18.00
Lip, Chin & Face sides €23.00
Lower back €13.00

Specialised Waxing

Californian (Ultra Tidy) €29.50
Brazilian (Landing strip) €58.00
Hollywood (All Gone) €60.00
Full leg and Californian €59.50
Full leg and Brazilian €83.00
Full leg and Hollywood €84.00