Loyalty Card

    We are delighted to offer our customer base a Loyalty Card.

How does it work?

loyalty-card-azure-beauty-goreyEach time you use our services we reward you with points on your card. The points for each service and product will be added to your loyalty account.

How many points will I get?

Each service or product has been allocated a certain amount of points. So the front of house team will fill you in on how many points you have.

How will I know when I am entitled to a REWARD?

When you get to different amounts of points you will be allocated a free treatment. When this happens it will show up on your account what free treatment you are entitled to and we will inform you. This is a free service to say thank you for your custom.

Keep it Safe!

Unfortunately if you loose your card you loose the points on that card. We can issue you with a new one but your points on that card start at zero. That’s why we had the cards made this time to fit on to your keyring.

What if I don’t have my card?

Points can only be added when we scan your card at time of purchase. We cannot add on points from previous services. So don’t forget it when you come.