Men’s Grooming

With the stress of everyday living, taking its toll on our physical well being , it’s not just females who need some time out for a spot of pampering .Our  men’s skincare treatments are customised for men’s specific
Eyebrow trim    €12.00
Chest Wax from  €35.00
Back Wax from  €35.00

Men’s Face Treatments
Skin Fitness €60.00
This deep-cleansing treatment purifies, balances and brightens your complexion. Blackheads and dead cells are gently eliminated by the professional face peel technique that remains mild on the most delicate skin. This skin cleansing phase is followed by a long relaxing and aromatic massage. A real radiance-revealing treatment to indulge in whenever you feel the need.

L’Anti-áge €60.00men-grooming-azure-beauty-pic-1

This expert anti-wrinkle firming and energising treatment acts like a mini-facelift. Your face looks redefined and your complexion regains its youthfulness. Ultra-targeted cleansing, exfoliation, misting and masks follow each other in harmony. A treatment highly concentrated in natural active ingredients to give your face a real burst of energy.
Power Moist €60.00
The first signs of ageing and a dull complexion are often caused by a lack of hydration. Your skin feels tight. It needs deep hydration that your usual cream cannot provide. This treatment begins by cleansing, exfoliation and a steam bath, followed by a double moisturising and repairing mask. It ends with a massage of the face and back and front of the neck. Your features are smoothed. Your complexion looks radiant. Your skin regains all its comfort.
Men’s Body Treatments
Aroma-Luxe Massage – relaxing version €65.00men-grooming-azure-beauty-pic-3
This aromatic treatment works all tension out of your body. Massaged from head to toe in a balancing atmosphere of lavender and verbena essential oils, you rediscover well-being and relaxation. To enjoy again and again.
Aroma-Luxe Massage – energising version €65.00
This version of the relaxing massage offers you all the benefits of energising and oxygenating essential oils (lemon, rosemary, marjoram, eucalyptus, basil) and massage techniques that are both easing and stimulating. An excellent means of chasing away fatigue and starting off on the right foot.

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